The Commission on the first day of coaching stock index volume to stabilize at 2900 – financial Sohu 迷糊丫头误惹情债

The Commission on the first day of coaching stock index volume to stabilize at 2900 – the Sohu Finance Commission in February 22nd, the first trading day after the coaching change, A stock market trend is particularly noticeable. The same day, A shares market sentiment was boosted by the two city, tiaokonggaokai, industry sector across the board, including real estate, and computer sector gainers. Two cities traded heavy volume, the inflow of funds obvious signs. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.35%, to close at 2927.1 related stock movements 8, Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.05%, to close at 10370.99 points. Two city day turnover of 601 billion yuan. Small and medium-sized board refers to up 1.92%, gem index rose 1.56%, CSI 300 index rose 2.2%. Index, as of the close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index at 3118.87 points, or 2.20%, IF1603 at 3042 points, or 1.98%; Shanghai 50 index at 2053.86 points, or 2.48%, IH1603 at 2017 points, or 2.33%. CSI 500 index at 6103.72 points, or 2.08%, IC1603 reported 5869.2 points, or 1.70%. The futures premium, premium IF1603 IH1603 premium 76.9 points, 36.9 points, 234.5 points premium IC1603. As of last Friday (February 19th), the balance of margin of two cities in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 883 billion 765 million yuan, a slight drop of 1 billion 125 million yuan compared with the previous day, ending four days of continuous increase. On the same day, the two financial balance of the Shanghai stock market was 519 billion 428 million yuan, down 1 billion 601 million yuan; Shenzhen two financial balance of 364 billion 337 million yuan, an increase of 476 million yuan, and even increased by 5 days. Wind information statistics show that on the same day, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, financing the purchase amount is 39 billion 400 million yuan, the previous trading day to 51 billion 396 million yuan; financing repayment amounted to 40 billion 359 million yuan, the previous trading day to 49 billion 35 million yuan; the short selling volume of 11 million 660 thousand and 800 shares, 17 million 714 thousand and 800 shares of the previous trading day. On Tuesday, A shares will enter a new round of new cycle. From Tuesday to 6 trading days, every day can play new, investors in the purchase without paying subscription funds, in turn in order for the new easy, thousand grain flavor industry, the sea, Si Taili, Hao Zhi electromechanical and gold Hui liquor. Among them, the new Yi Sheng using online purchase at market directly to the public investors pricing issue, intends to issue the number of shares is not more than 19 million 400 thousand shares, the public offering of new shares issued after accounting for the total number of shares of not less than 25%, to be listed in Shenzhen stock exchange, the issue price of 21.47 yuan shares. Author: Wu Lihua

证监会换帅首日沪指放量企稳2900点-搜狐财经   2月22日,证监会换帅后的首个交易日,A股市场的走势格外引人注目。当天,A股市场情绪明显受到提振,两市跳空高开,行业板块全线飘红,其中房地产、综合和计算机等板块涨幅居前。两市成交明显放量,盘中资金流入迹象明显。  截至收盘,上证综指上涨2.35%,收报2927.1 相关公司股票走势 8点,深证成指上涨2.05%,收报10370.99点。两市全天成交金额为6010亿元。中小板指涨1.92%,创业板指涨1.56%,沪深300指数涨2.2%。  期指方面,截至收盘,沪深300指数报3118.87点,涨幅为2.20%,IF1603报3042.0点,涨幅为1.98%;上证50指数报2053.86点,涨幅为2.48%,IH1603报2017.0点,涨幅为2.33%。中证500指数报6103.72点,涨幅为2.08%,IC1603报5869.2点,涨幅为1.70%。期指升贴水方面,IF1603贴水76.9点,IH1603贴水36.9点,IC1603贴水234.5点。  截至上周五(2月19日),沪深两市融资融券余额为8837.65亿元,较前一交易日小幅回落11.25亿元,结束四日连增。当日,沪市两融余额为5194.28亿元,回落16.01亿元;深市两融余额为3643.37亿元,增长4.76亿元,连增5日。Wind资讯统计显示,当日,沪深两市融资买入额为394亿元,前一交易日为513.96亿元;融资偿还额为403.59亿元,前一交易日为490.35亿元;当日的融券卖出量为1166.08万股,前一交易日为1771.48万股。  本周二,A股将进入新一轮打新周期。从周二起6个交易日内,每天都可以打新,投资者在申购时无需缴付申购资金,依次顺序为新易盛、千禾味业、瑞尔特、司太立、昊志机电和金徽酒。其中,新易盛采用网上按市值申购向公众投资者直接定价发行,拟公开发行股票数量不超过1940万股,公开发行新股占发行后公司股份总数的比例不低于25%,拟于深圳证券交易所上市,本次发行价格为21.47元 股。  作者:吴黎华相关的主题文章:

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